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Monday, March 30, 2009

Where Are You Tonight - lyrics

Hi everyone. Welcome to my first blog post. I'm going to use this site to keep up to date with my songwriting. Here's the first taste. No chorus in this one--just V V B V B V (V=verse, B=bridge). Hopefully, I'll be able to get some recordings up soon, at which time I'll also post the chord chart. Enjoy :)

Where Are You Tonight...

Where are you tonight?
The darkness 'round me slowly grows deeper
And as the light fades away
My will grows weaker
So I close my eyes and I can see you smiling
You're next to me wherever I may go
But when I open them you're nowhere to be found
And I am left alone.

Do you think of me?
At night when you're alone up in your room
And do you ever dream
That we could be together soon
'Cause I'm on my knees in this never-ending darkness
You're all I see through wind and rain and snow
And there's no other who could ever love you more
And you will never know

And I know you're out there
Among the stars of night
As for me I'm still waiting patiently for you to call for you to write

I'm on my knees. It's a never-ending battle
You're all I need though the wind blows rain and snow
And there's no other who could ever love you more
And someday you will know

But what will it take for me
to prove to you it's right
I could call but still would you even care at all to reignite with me tonight?

I'm always yours even though you'll find another
I'm here for you wherever you may go
Still I pray for sunrise when the light shines on our love
So you can finally know
Just how far for you I'd go.

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