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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Surprises

Man, did we have a killer time at the Brink Lounge on New Years Eve! First off, the place was packed. I think there was something like a 25-table waiting list the morning of the 31st. Thank you to everyone who came out and partied with us--the energy was incredible! Also, a HUGE thank you to Mike Massey for stepping in at the last minute to cover for my ailing partner. Mike was cool, calm, and collected for the whole show and really rocked the crowd. Francie Phelps was also on call for the evening and stepped in to sing a handful of tunes as the night progressed. Incidentally, make sure you check out Mike and Francie's new project, Stop the Clock. They're working on an album of originals, some of which you can check out on YouTube.

January is going to be a busy, busy month for holiday parties and the like. I'll be appearing solo next at Plan B on the 10th (8pm-12am), and PianoFondue will be in Madison at the Brink Lounge on the 13th (9pm-1am).

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