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Monday, May 9, 2011


After bowing to public demand, I have put together a little recording of my song "Ninja." I used a free music editor called Audacity. It's nothing too fancy, but I think it got the job done okay. In fact, it was such a fun little project, that I am going to try to get a couple new songs a month up on the website. It's a great opportunity for me to spend some time with these tunes before getting the band together for album number two. So after fiddling with the website for a while, I think I figured out how to post the mp3. Here goes... enjoy :)

If you want to download the mp3, you can get it here


  1. Are you sure you posted it, Josh? I may be having a problem viewing it, or something. But congrats on getting the song laid out and recorded!!

  2. It should be showing up now. Wow, Blogger has no good way to post audio. I wound up using the Wordpress app in a bizarre work-around! Anyways, it's done, and I know how to do it in the future :P